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About IMO watch

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Individualistic • Empowering  • Quintessential


At "In My Opinion" (IMO), we pride ourselves in being a sought-after fundamental accompaniment to the authentic creation of your own style.

The brand birthed forth from the commonly used phrase, “in my opinion”, especially among millennials in this digital era. People #voiceout matters of opinions via various social media channels, and we want to be part of this representation, highlighting the freedom of expression in style. We are anti-fashion, pro-style. Style, as we see it, represents something more – personality, perspective and self opinion. Hence, the abbreviation IMO.

Contrary to the way of traditional business, we are solely a cyber brand. Our watches are of top-notch quality, yet tagged with affordable prices. Products are set for sale to you directly from the manufacturing factory, thus eliminating the cost of intermediaries. And we are attentive to your opinion from social media, incorporating it into our new designs.

An IMO watch is empowering, as long as you #makebelieve. It can be worn by anyone who wants to create a signature look, no matter the occasion or dress code – you can wear whatever you like.

Our aim is to uphold a concept that will appeal to everyone’s style – sophisticated and swanky alike, where your IMO timepiece is a statement of the wearer, while embracing your individualism.